You travel, CARIBOO shares

You travel, CARIBOO shares

With the Cariboo app, I can define sharing rules with my community, and then the Cariboo device in my car takes over everything and contacts them automatically when my hands are busy driving.

Cariboo is a community-based product in that way we also wanted to design carpooling functions. My contacts can send me a Cariboo notification with their location, I got an itinerary to meet them , and they can follow me in real-time on a map.

You park, CARIBOO stands guard

You park, CARIBOO stands guard

Who hasn’t ever lost their vehicle in a giant or unfamiliar parking lot?
With the Cariboo app, you can find your vehicle quickly every time.

You can designate day-to-day drivers for your vehicle.
If Cariboo doesn’t recognize the person driving your vehicle, you immediately receive an alert!

The person driving the vehicle can be recognized via their smartphone or Cariboo tag.

You drive, CARIBOO analyses

You drive, CARIBOO analyses

Cariboo also allows you to manage your car with statistics: timeline with your trips,
mileage, daily/weekly/ monthly statistics.

With the Cariboo app, you can define your Start and Stop places and get statistics with your habits : how many times you went to the office, the restaurant, the gym etc.



Compatible with all models of car

Smartphone app for iOS (7+) and Android (4.4+)

Power supply

No special plug required

Device can be charged with a 12V plug or battery

Can also charge a USB device

Battery life: 1 month


Built-in GPS: doesn’t drain your smartphone battery

Works throughout Europe* at no extra cost